Miss Muslim Saturday 10th February 2018

Persevering Through Media Bias & Misrepresentation with Muj Shah


The Culture Vulture Friday 22nd September 2017

'When actor MUJ SHAH realised he would never get to play his favourite superhero, he created one of his own. NEIL MUDD spoke to him about Maghrib, an antidote to a whole mess of hate.'


The Bradford Review September 2017

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Pages 18 and 19 https://issuu.com/festivalpublications/docs/bradford_review_31_issuu

The Guardian Coconut Review Friday 11th August 2017



"...a cast who clearly have the comedy chops." - ( Julia Raeside, The Guardian 2017)


Derby Telegraph - Saturday 14th March 2015


BBC Casualty Under Fire. (2012) BBC  Press Release.

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