Born brown and an Actor
You learn you'll never be
The characters you watched on TV religiously
No Superman, No James Bond
The only character seems one
The man with a beard and a bomb
"Do it again, but do it with an accent!"
Middle Eastern or Arab, not authentic but plastic
Don't you see?
You don't get to be in shows like Downton Abbey
You don't get to
Speak like a Duke or a Queen
You won't be the lead or it's rare that you'll speak
in your accent from the city you're from
but more often than not
with the twang of your mother tongue
Sound like your Dad, you're not believable as you
There's no real roles, but the terrorist will do
I'll play it once, then I'll break free
Then I'll be that brown guy from that show on TV.
But I keep trying and never get a chance, I'll just play to type
I just want more roles like the ones that are white
With parts and characters where colour doesn't factor
Where my religion doesn't matter
But end of the day I'm just more brown than Actor.